Weekly Update – Pouring Opportunities

Meeting Saturday Lincoln Avenue Brewery.
A Few things for the meeting Saturday:

    • We have an off-flavor kit and will be tasting that off-flavor spiked in a beer along with a follow-up discussion. This is a great way to help calibrate your tasting/aroma skills and improve the quality of your beer.
    • Anyone who attends will get a raffle ticket for some homebrew prizes. Free stuff is always good and helps support the hobby.
    • Bring some homebrew for sampling. We want to try and continue the sampling round table discussions for 2-3 beers. This is designed for anyone who wants feedback on a beer, experiment they tried, flavor they are struggling with, etc. We find these to be a great way to learn.
  • Officer Nominations for Secretary and VP open up in October and elections are in November. Hit up one of us at the meeting to find out what it’s all about.

Pouring Opportunity: Aspinwall Craft Beer Crawl  Adam Bashline is captaining.  Looking for volunteers to pour, as well as beer and jockey boxes