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DEFERRED… per this e-mail…SWAG date listed for competition Hello Friends,  The TRASH 30 Competition is being delayed indefinitely.   With the rapidly changing Coronavirus situation, there is too simply too much uncertainty.  We will reschedule when the situation has calmed.   Your places will be held for you and any paid entries will still be covered.   If Read More

Group Buy Opportunity

Colin Azinger of Brew Corner @ The Beer Warehouse has put together an opportunity for our members to buy Mecca Grade Estate Malts and Escarpment Labs yeasts.  Colin and the employees of MGEM and Escarpment, thank you in advance for your support in these times. Escarpment Labs has no US-based distributor for their yeasts, and Read More

March Meeting Cancelled

After everything else this week, it’s clearly anti-climactic. Sunday’s TRASH meeting at Helltown is canceled. Not only is Helltown closed, but State and County authorities are discouraging meetings of over 10 people. If you were planning on coming, I encourage you to brew beer instead. That way, when we get back together, when this is...

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Shout out to East End Brewing who hosted us Saturday afternoon.  We had 18 in attendance, and got to hear Bobby Nacho lead a discussion on adjunct brewing, and its popularity among the beer drinking public. For those in attendance at the East End meeting who picked up “free stuff” – the request was that...

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