Here’s what I’m bringing – How about you?

Fer sure:

  • Wandering around the Barnyard:  Accidentally put some rauchmalt into a Belgian tripel.  Smoke aside, there was too much body, so I de-carbed, added amylase, and then Funk Weapon #1.  Its an interesting experiment, and better than it sounds.
  • Helles Vienna:  Vienna, Munich II, Pilsner, Saaz, WLP830.  20 IBUs, 5.4% ABV.  Presently going faster than anything on tap, including my IPAs.

Let me know if you want to try:

  • A 70 Schilling
  • Czech Dark (or Light)
  • A 24-month old barleywine (low O2 brewed, so there’s still some backbone left).

And be sure to list what you’re bringing….