Holiday Party Reminder

Tickets are now live for the December 7th Holiday party and meeting at Spoonwood.  This is our most family-friendly event.

  • $10 (per family) buys 1 drink ticket per adult [limit 2 per family] plus appetizers (as long as they last, so come early).
  • We’ll have a tasting of the Bobby Nacho Stout (common wort, individual primaries and secondaries).  We are considering a special judged light-hearted contest for these with prizes like….
    • Can I have the recipe!
    • Five gallons of that?  Its gonna be there awhile.
    • Never thought of putting that in a stout before…
  • We’ll also have a brewing prize raffle.
  • You’ll get to thank our outgoing officers – Vice President Fred Mullner and Secretary Daren Szakelyhidi, and tell out new ones how to make things better.

Best of all you get to spend a little time with fellow homebrewers, catching up with old friends and making new ones, before the holiday season gets too hectic.

Look forward to seeing you.