Holiday Party Reservations and Payments

Tuesday I sent a reminder on

  • Saturday December 7th, starting at noon at Spoonwood.
  • Details AND sign-up for TRASH members here.
  • Non-TRASH members: we’re modifying our website payment app to accept non-members, but this is taking longer than planned.  Just use Paypal to send $10 to and put the number of people coming in the comments section
  • PLEASE sign up now.  We have to order appetizers in advance and want to make sure we have enough.. and that’s soon.
  • As previously mentioned, we will have a “fun comp” with the stouts from November’s common wort – and any other stouts you want to bring.
  • Spouses, significant others and kids welcome.  (Homebrew, too, but that’s aways true.)


I was one of the stout wort recipients.  I threw in an infected batch of 001 and now have a sour stout…and an inclination to experiment with an otherwise wasted batch.  What do YOU think I should add to this to try to make it palatable (before December 7th?)  Email me with your suggestions.

Thanks and I hope to see you December 7th.