Homebrew Con and NHC

This post covers 4 items:

  1. Timing of Homebrew Con, and when you can sign up to attend HomeBrewCon and to volunteer.
  2. What the Opportunities are (besides some great sessions).
  3. What we need to do as clubs (TRASH, TRUB and WAZE).
  4. NHC.

Homebrew Con:  June 23-25 2022.  After March 23rd, you can sign up HERE.
NOTE: you must be an AHA member to attend.  Its worthwhile joining anyway.
Your enrollment choices include the full conference or Social only (parties, expo, club night and social night.)

The entire schedule is listed HERE
Volunteer Opportunities are listed HERE 

Club pouring opportunities include SOCIAL CLUB and CLUB NIGHT  Note that in addition to just pouring on Club Night, each club needs to design a booth.  This is our primary club activity.

NHC is a separate activity all NHC judging (entrants are required to provide 6 bottles for each entry). The timeline is listed HERE.  All Judging will take place June 21-23 in Pittsburgh.  You can enter starting March 22.

I’m sure you will have questions. For the NHC questions, please look at the Homebrew Con Site first, then ask the Officers  On the Club opportunities (Social Club and Club Night), send or post your thought below. These need to be addressed at the March Meeting