TRASH Reminders and Information

  1. Don’t forget the meeting at East End Brewery on 29 February.
  2. I recently received a email from Anderson, one of East End’s brewers, who wants to give away his now-unused homebrewing equipment.  The following items will be available to inspect at our meeting – and are free to good homes, with the following request, “All I would ask is that [you] make a simple cash donation to the food pantry of your choice in your name in lieu of giving me any money.”  Fair enough.  
    Available are:
    – 20 qt. dry good container with lid and handle – (container has amount markings)
    – 8 qt. dry good container – (container has amount markings)
    – 2 funnels of different sizes but functional for brewing
    – 2 glass carboys – 5 gal. & 7? gal. The 7-gallon one has a handle at the neck
    – 3 gal. cask that previously had Rye whiskey and then Rum
    – 1 small hand-driven mill though a drill can/was connected to it
    – 1 hydrometer
    – 1 floating glass thermometer
    – 2 thiefs – different sizes
    – misc. items that may be of use.
  3. We also received a note from Brian Llewellyn about the North Hills Home Brew Fest.  It’s Saturday May 9 at the Pittsburgh Shrine Center. If you want more information – whether to pour, compete or attend, go HERE .  This is not an official TRASH event, but members have had good things to say about prior years.
  4. Nick Petti has a case of 20 oz bomber bottles, which he’s bringing to the next meeting.  Before you buy any – see Nick – the price is right!