TRASH Restart

As promised, the TRASH Restart will be July 10.  Hours are now 2:30-5:00 PM.  (Previously: 3-6 PM)

We’ll be upstairs at the Smiling Moose, Southside.  The entire second floor (formerly a club room) is now a nanobrewery.  We’ll be indoors (weatherproof!) in a large open space, minimizing covid-related concerns for those still at risk – and those with children at home. 

A couple of thoughts:

  • The meeting is open to visitors.  Joining TRASH isn’t expensive, but if you want to attend regularly, we will encourage it.
  • BRING YOUR BEER.  This is  homebrew club, after all.
  • TRASH 30 and 31 Competitions didn’t happen due to covid.  If you’d like your beer(s) evaluated by a BJCP judging team, let us know and we’ll arrange to do this at this meeting, scoresheet and all.
  • Neither your President (me) or your Treasurer (Zach Kosslow) are interested in life appointments, and we’re both 3 years into 2-year terms.  We’ll be taking nominations at this meeting for both offices.

More later,