Update and FAQs on TRASH meeting/ wort production 2 November

FAQs on the Stout Wort and Stout Suggestions
TRASH has announced a meeting and wort production on National Homebrew day, November 2.  Non-TRASH members are welcome, and TRUB members are specifically invited.
Meeting information and the opportunity to purchase 5 gallons of wort for $10 is up on the TRASH website as well as the TRASH and TRUB facebook pages.
We’ve had a bunch of questions on the Stout wort offered for the meeting on November 2nd. Some answers include:

  1. When is the TRASH meeting/elections?Answer: We’re targeting 10-11 am.
  2. What time does the brewing start?Answer: Bobby Nacho will be mashing in at 8 AM. Help is always appreciated.
  3. What time is the wort ready for distribution?Answer: With an 8 AM mash-in, the wort should be available around 11:00-11:30.If you are late, we’ll hold it until 1:30 PM.
  4. What’s the stout recipe?Answer: Here are the general parameters:
    Grains:2-row    88 %
    black barley        6 %
    crystal 135-165   5 %
    pale chocolate     2 %
    Est IBU – 48 (Magnum, all bittering)
    Est ABV – 6.1%
  5. What can I do with my wort?
    Answer: Stout is a great base and allows really “flexible” finishes – and at $10 you can afford to play.  Some suggestions you might consider include:

    • Yeasts: American, British, English, Conan or Kevik…or something else.
    • Regular or sweet? (Hint: lactose)
    • “Regular” or “extra strength” – add ABV and complexity with DME, invert sugar, honey, treacle or molasses.
    • Wood:Oak chips soaked in vodka (neutral) or bourbon)
    • Other adjuncts:
      • Spices: … cayenne + chocolate = Mexican hot chocolate…vanilla…
      • Fruits: coconut, cherries, raspberries.
      • Others: coffee, peppermint, peanut butter …