Update on the November TRASH Meeting (TRUB and First Timers welcome)

Saturday 2 November, NATIONAL HOMEBREW DAY at the 412 Brewery.  Meeting link is here.

  • We are brewing a Stout (suggestions by Sean Kinnas, errors by Kerry Diehl). 
    • There are 15- 5 gallon shares available for purchase here right now
    • It’s first-come/first-serve.
    • Delivery is NOT included, and shares will NOT be held.
    • We encourage finishing the stout with your choice of yeast and adjuncts. 
    • We’ll re-convene for a tasting at the joint holiday party 7 December at Spoonwood.
  • TRASH will be electing a vice-president and a secretary.
    • Nominations are presently open via e-mail.  If you, or someone you know are interested, forward your recommendations to the TRASH officers
    • Early arrivers are always welcome.  Bobby Nacho starts early.
    • The TRASH meeting will be at 10 AM.
    • Tastings are also in order 10-11.
    • Wort should be available by 11 AM. 
    • The wort pickup window will be open until 1:30.

Reserve your wort, sign up today, and be sure to let us know you are coming. 
Its a great chance for good wort, wonderful company and a legitimate chance to taste beers before noon.